go on a magical adventure through unknown worlds!

all places, enemies, and items are procedural

html hero commands:

  • e - explore the local region for baddies and loot
  • p - view your player statistics
  • r - pay to rest in an inn to regain your health
  • b - fight the boss of the local region
  • t - travel to another region
  • h - view this help command list

press ctrl + r to restart the game

Development log


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Hey, as much as it seems stupid i find it quite addictive and fun, i love the stuff which you can find. But i have a question. Is there a winning condition or something? Because you can die only by purpose i guess.

Hey! Thanks for playing this thing. I meant to add some sort of end state... or even a challenge... but have not yet come back around to it. I mostly just leave this game up because I like the weapon/armor names it generates.

I definitely plan to finish it at some point though!

Thanks again for playing 😁

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Heads up, cause of how itch puts stuff in iframes, it'd probably be useful for folks to add instructions on how to set the debugger in the right frame so they can play. e.g. for firefox:


See... It was so much easier to play this game locally... haha

Thanks for the advice! I'll have to add better instructions. =)