The GUI Update!

The long-awaited "GUI Update" is here!

'Debug Hero' version 2018.2 delivers the latest in high-definition HTML text visuals right to your browser. The graphics pipeline has been fully reworked to include top-tier CSS styling. Trust me when I say, you have never seen high fidelity until today!

On top of what is clearly an industry-defining graphical feat, we've also made a few small changes to the game itself:

  • Tweaked item drop rates to feel better for the player.
  • Tweaked the combat system to provide a more challenging experience.
  • Increased the cost of resting at an inn from 10% to 20% of the player's total money.
  • Reigned in the amount of money players can find on the ground or in drops.
  • Reworked the way level ranges for new regions are generated in order to keep the player from having one massively underpowered stat as they progess.
  • Added a fourth, probably over-powered, tier of weapons and armor that has a chance to drop for players who have completed more than 10 regions.

This is the biggest update to the game to date and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Make sure to subscribe to our email and Snapchat for the latest 'Debug Hero' news!



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Oct 02, 2018

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