a bitsy game

move with WASD

made with bitsy

Development log


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I love mazes, and this was fantastic! I can't believe you were able to create something this complex! 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


so good!! i love how you did the thing where u can only see a little bit of the maze at a time! and the npcs were fun! loved it!


Thanks! It ended up being my largest game since every step was a new room. Haha

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


yeah i realize how much effort went into it! i only did a sort of animation where i had 23? rooms before and thats TINY compared to what you did.  like legit your game rocks so much!


This was so good! Everyone had such quirky personalities, it was a pleasure to talk to them all. 

thank you for the kind words.

I wanted the game to be about the "maze", but it just seemed boring and lifeless. I added the npcs as a sort of last-minute improvement.


I loved this. I can't imagine how long it took to make a game where you navigate the dark like that in Bitsy. It's so effective too! At several points I was in fear of being consumed by a grue.


hey thanks! i'm glad you liked it.
it was pretty time-intensive, but I'm happy with the results.