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As certain death looms overhead, this small planet holds a lottery to see which citizen is up for the task of saving the world. You play as that lottery-chosen citizen and must manage the planet's major cities in the few short minutes before the invasion.

"Lottocracy" is meant to be a short, casual game with a mild amount of replayability. Each play-through generates a new character with new stats. The events in each city are also generated as you play, so no two games will be the same.


A new event happens in each city every ~20 seconds. Hover your mouse over cities to read their events. Each city has an active and passive event. Active events require you to click on the city. Passive events occur once or are continually executed until the action event has begun.

The goal is to raise as many resources for your world as you can before it is invaded. Your randomly generated charisma effects the rate at which you gain/lose resources and influence. Regardless of charisma, more influence means a larger multiplier on resource gain.


Hold Right Click to Rotate the Planet

Hover the Mouse over a city to view it's status and actions

Left Click cities to enact their "action".

Install instructions

Just open the folder and run the .exe to get started!

Please leave feedback in the comments section. I'll try to address any concerns or feature requests posted there!

Thanks for playing!


Lottocracy Theme.mp3 3 MB
Lottocracy - Win64 - DevBuild.zip 19 MB

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