Headless Mode and Firefox Build

BLISSLY version 2019.01.10 is here!

This update adds "headless mode"; meaning you can now add BLISSLY to your web-app or browser-game without needing to modify any source code.

Using Headless Mode

To add BLISSLY to your project you just need the newest build of the blissly.js file.

  1. Download the latest build of blissly.js from the repo.
  2. Move it to your app/game folder.
  3. Add it to your project with this script tag:  <script src="blissly.js"></script>.
  4. Add this script tag after the blissly tag: <script defer>Blissly.init(false);</script>.

Headless mode is compatible with Chrome's requirement of user-initiated AudioContext calls. It will begin playing when the user first clicks or taps the page after BLISSLY is initiated.

Firefox Support

Firefox support has been added but may still prove problematic. If you plan to implement BLISSLY into your project make sure you thoroughly test your build on Firefox.


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Jan 10, 2019

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